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These soundscapes were recorded for a series of performances of the same name that were held in Bremen, Germany from 25. through 30. May 1999 and that involved artists, activists and groups working on the urban discourse, surveillance, public space, etc. 8und30, fromerly private space now made public, featured a room installation called prima res. The first part of this CD is the music from this installation: a loop of 11 min., based on a collage of recordings, mainly from the reconstruction of the train station in Bremen that took several months.

On two occassions, these were mixed with recordings from a village in Wendland, Lower Saxony, and London to contrast the position of Bremen between a rural village and a metropolis. The second track was recorded live during the vernissage of this installation. It forms a counter-utopia of a city without cultural borders. Stressing its heterogenity, it mixes sounds from different cultures not in the sense of an abstract multiculturalism, where every culture has its fixed place, but as a deconstruction of arbitrary rasters and splittings. Thus the listener is asked to ascertain whether he/she has to classify the sounds, or wether they can be taken just as different aspects of the utopian city. The title refers to Hakim Bey's notion of spontaneously and temporarily realizing utopian drafts ("Temporary Autonomous Zone").


released July 4, 2016




i: wound Berlin, Germany

i: wound means riotambient & soundscapes using manipulated fieldrecordings (as in the indian trilogy punish the guilty/worminside/ram nam satya hai or the siamese box) and/or cut-ups and reworks of former recordings (triptych 2:skarz, and in live performances).
other releases (the patricide ep, .blackbox.) function as psycho-acoustic representations of the unconscious. explore within...
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